fired heater specialist

BIH fired heater specialist celebrates 50 years

Eddie Watters has today celebrated 50 years of service with BIH.

Jamie Mullane

13 Dec 2019

This phenomenal achievement is testament to Eddie’s character, his perseverance and his dedication. When Eddie joined the company the summer of love was in full swing and the Beatles had their last public performance on the roof of the Apple studios building. Many things have changed since then but Eddie has always remained a fired heater specialist working tirelessly  and has made a significant contribution to the wider fired heater industry. His regular attendance and contributions at the API conferences have shaped the global fired heater standards as we know them today.

Presenting Eddie with a bottle of Champagne to mark the occasion BIH CEO Stuart Cummings said “Eddie’s length of service and loyalty to BIH is worthy of great respect and a milestone that is seldom reached in any career. He has kept pace with and in many cases been the driving force behind numerous changes in our business. He has gained global respect and notoriety as a subject matter expert and a bit of a character within the industry. Eddie has mentored many young engineers during his time at BIH, several of whom are still with us and who continue to absorb his extensive knowledge. It’s a privilege to be able to mark this occasion and we wish him well for the future”.