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American Petroleum Institute
API conference in Houston

22 Jul 2019

BIH attends API conference, The API committee meets twice per year to review and revise the relevant API standard (API 560) for Fired heaters.
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Waste Heat Recovery Units
New Order

22 Jul 2019

BIH have secured the order for 2 trains of WHRUs
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Go carting
Go Karting

19 Jul 2019

BIH company go-karting day After a week of sunshine and lovely weather, we were greeted on Friday morning with dark clouds and heavy rain. Typicall...
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Businessmen Businesspeople Businesswomen
BIH Welcomes New Starters

7 May 2019

We would like to welcome to the company some new starters
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Building city downtown
BIH office in Malaysia has relocated

2 May 2019

The new premises have been redesigned to improve the office layout to be more appropriate to the team size and structure.
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Red Nose Day
Comic Relief’s Red Nose day

18 Mar 2019

BIH UK staff participated in the annual ritual of Comic Relief’s Red Nose day
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