Quality Policy Statement

BIH specialises in the design, supply, installation and optimisation of Direct Fired Process Heaters, Reformers, Crackers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Heat Recovery Systems and Waste Heat Recovery Units.

To support the Company’s strategic direction and its published Mission Statement the CEO and Senior Management have established Quality Objectives.

The Company’s quality objectives are to:
1. QUALITY Maintain the highest levels of quality on all aspects of contract execution and to exceed customer expectations.
2. COST Deliver projects within agreed budgets through the effective monitoring and management of these cost throughout the duration of the project.
3. DELIVERY Deliver projects in line with agreed milestones by utilising effective planning and control mechanisms.

The Company’s Senior Management places emphasis on expert Product Design and Project Engineering and operates a documented Quality Management system, based on BS EN ISO 9001 and DD CEN ISO/ TS29001, in order to :-

  • Achieve these Quality Objectives.
  • Ensure products and services meet all applicable client specifications, the needs and expectations of all interested parties and statutory regulation requirements
  • Ensure that products supplied to the European Economic Area shall be designed, manufactured, final inspected and tested fully in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, Construction Products Regulations (CPR) CPR 305/2011/EU and all other applicable European Directives.
  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation

The Quality Policy is fully supported and practised by the management and employees at all levels.

The CEO has appointed a Quality Manager who has the responsibility and authority to implement and monitor the Quality System by whatever means they may deem necessary within the basic Company guidelines and policy.

The Quality Assurance Policy and Quality Management system is endorsed by Senior Management and authorised.