BIH do not insist on supervisors being present during the installation of our equipment to fulfil our guarantee requirements.

BIH can offer supervisors for
Site construction

Together with subcontractor specialists for dampers, fans, burners, instrumentation, refractories as required. These BIH provided personnel have visited Clients all over the world, sometimes to the shipyards where the topside modules are modularised for installation on offshore platforms, sometimes in the middle of deserts, tropical environments or wherever required.

BIH can put together the Client requirements understanding the skill sets needed together with the personnel available to make sure we offer the right person to fulfil these requirements.

In addition we can offer site personnel to visit during the plant/equipment shutdowns to undertake turnaround inspections of equipment, whether it has been supplied by BIH or others. This may lead to BIH making recommendations for future maintenance and operational philosophy.

BIH provides a complete life cycle support to our Clients, and offers a range of solutions that are perfectly suited to our niche products of Fired Heaters and WHRUs, ensuring the continued high performance.

Our global service is geared towards supervising installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of the equipment that we supply giving the complete all round service to our Clients.

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