Heat Recovery Steam Generators

As heat transfer specialists BIH have applied our knowledge from WHRU applications to develop bespoke HRSG solutions optimised for our customers’ requirements.

HRSGs are used to recover heat from Gas Turbines or other hot process streams and convert that energy into useful power by raising steam at a sufficiently high pressure to be utilised in a steam turbine. This recovered heat increases the overall efficiency of the cycle and contributes to a lower carbon footprint for the installation.

HRSGs are widely used in the power generation industry to extract maximum yield from the input energy and to optimise cycle efficiency. They are increasingly being used on process plants to reduce cost and environmental impacts through additional captive power generation.

In this critical piece of equipment, providing the thermodynamic bridge between exhaust gases and valuable power, BIH are able to assess all variables and optimise each component comprising the economizer, evaporator, superheater and water preheater to ensure the best process and thermodynamic response.

Additional power can be generated through supplementary firing, an enhancement that BIH have a significant and successful track record of implementing across its product range.


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Complete Compact Control
(C3) WHRU 




Reformers are commonly used in the vital production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen and will play an integral part in the global energy transition. BIH has the experience and scale to successfully deliver your reformer project.


Having supplied some of the world’s first large scale offshore Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) BIH are at the cutting edge of this technology.


With increasing focus on efficiency and environmental impacts, BIH’s Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) offer the ideal solution for gas turbine or gas stream heat recovery, both on and offshore.

Direct Fired Heaters

BIH’s team have been designing, supplying and installing fired heaters worldwide for over 40 years. This original product line remains an important cornerstone of the business.


Managing equipment delivery effectively saving you engineering, logistical and installation costs

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