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Birwelco USA Inc. (BUSA) is a leading supplier of specialized services and support for fired heaters and furnaces from design concept to turnkey implementation. Solutions include studies, on-line services, revamps and complete rebuilds, all focussed on minimizing downtime and maximizing return on investment. Understanding each customer’s unique needs, and delivering the optimized solutions to meet them, is at the core of every BUSA project.


Fired Heaters & Furnaces Solutions

BUSA’s heritage can be traced back to the 1950s when the company’s first fired heater was supplied. Since then, BUSA have remained focused on providing advanced heat transfer solutions for the Refining, Petrochemical & Syngas industries.

Through in-depth understanding of process requirements, BUSA can design and supply a custom heater or evaluate and upgrade existing heaters to safely achieve the required objectives and maintain the technical integrity and performance requirements of the design. BUSA has developed and perfected solutions to apply to any heater or furnace need, all backed by engineering know-how and a collective experience unmatched in the industry. These include patented tube support and combustion air compensator technologies to name a few. BUSA has the capability to modify or repair fired heaters and furnaces whilst in service to resolve immediate operational needs. We often combine these activities with other techniques to help ensure the equipment operates safely whilst continuing to fulfil production output requirements.



An engineering company at its core, BUSA has the depth of fired equipment expertise to fully understand the technical needs of the equipment from the operator’s perspective. Our success is achieved through a team consisting of chemical, mechanical, structural and design disciplines augmented with specialists in the fields of Combustion CFD Modelling, Damper Design, TDL Analyzer Implementation and project scope risk reduction/ optimization.

In-House Expertise

  • Engineering & Design (process, thermal, mechanical and structural).
  • Process technology neutral commitment to all technology-based furnaces such as steam methane reforming (SMR), pyrolysis (ethylene) and direct iron ore reduction.
  • Combustion interaction, flue gas and air flow modelling (CFD).
  • Data generation and collection (addressing the equipment data void).
  • Proven repair solutions to tackle capacity or conditional constraints.
  • Damper reliability, repeatability and responsiveness assessments and upgrade recommendations.
  • Excess air mitigation evaluation and implementation strategies.
  • Process safety GAP assessments.
busa design

Services to Meet the Owner’s Needs

  • Evaluation Studies – addressing any operational or mechanical fitness for service concerns.
  • Equipment Supply – from custom heaters to replacement parts for any heater regardless of year built or manufacturer.
  • Online Services – tube stabilizations, tube support and observation door replacement, instrument connection install and refractory repair – performed while the heater remains in operation.
  • Critical Path Mitigation – reducing site scope tasks and duration through engaged engineering and material supply.
  • Heater Resiliency – program to ensure the heater is safely back in service in the shortest time possible.
  • Emergency Response – temporary repairs through to complete rebuilds on an expedited basis.
  • Turnkey fired equipment supply, upgrade or replacement.
  • Patented excess air control solutions.
  • High quality dampers for reliable performance and improved heater safety.


Automated Combustion Air Control AFRC 2023 Whitepaper


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direct fired heaters
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Heat recovery steam generators

Damper Solutions

Safe operation of API 560 heaters is rooted in the maintaining of negative pressure (draft) internal to the heater. This draft works to draw in the correct amount of combustion air required to support the fluctuating combustion rates and corresponding production rates. While a heater’s draft capacity is set by the heater design, adjustment of that draft relies solely on performance of the heater dampers.

Tube Supports

The number one leading cause of unplanned shutdowns or reduced throughput rates for a fired heater is the imminent or actual rupture of a coil tube.

Today’s heater operation is using newer technology burners with drastically different flame profiles to process the most economical shale crudes. Both factors are contributing to a sharp rise in the frequency and magnitude of coil movements (vertically and laterally) seen during operation, often compromising the existing tube support system.

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