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Increasing evidence and awareness of the impact of climate change has galvanised governments and international energy companies to take action. This momentum has been maintained by pressure groups and the general public whose heightened consciousness and sustained focus is driving policy change and green initiatives.

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BIH is acutely aware of its obligation to reduce as much as practically possible the impact of our equipment. Much of this is addressed in the superior efficiency of the BIH design, which over the anticipated equipment lifetime will save many tons of CO2 versus other comparative solutions available.

BIH’s portfolio contains several areas that will also make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions:


  • Introduction of a compact Waste Heat Recovery Unit that requires less material to construct versus standard designs as well as reducing the necessary structural support steel required for the surrounding site installation which is particularly important for offshore applications.
  • BIH’s waste heat recovery equipment minimises the amount of energy needed to supply process requirements consistently in the most extreme environments
  • BIH optimises the efficiency of all equipment supplied and is committed to the highest quality standards resulting in products which regularly exceed design life expectations.
  • BIH offers low NOx burners to help clients keep their emissions as low as possible.
  • Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) projects. BIH is able to offer heat recovery systems suitable for heat to power such as ORC where there are no opportunities to re-use this heat within the process.
  • BIH is a leader in the design and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
BIH Environmental services
BIH Environment
  • Energy consulting. BIH has a dedicated team of heat transfer engineers with over 150 years combined experience of assessing existing plant and designing and delivering bespoke solutions to reduce and optimise energy consumption. BIH’s independent status allows it to assess a range of established and emerging technologies to determine the optimal solution for any given application regardless of size, complexity or location and to evaluate the most effective use of waste heat
  • Integration of power generation with fired heaters. BIH has designed and implemented solutions that utilise exhaust gas from gas turbine generators within a fired heater thereby substantially reducing fuel gas for the fired heater
  • BIH can offer life extension, revamp and upgrade of existing equipment to reduce the need for additional equipment to be installed
  • BIH has unique process solutions for amine regeneration which can be used to regenerate Amines used in carbon capture and is supporting clients with a number of low carbon solutions involving hydrogen networks and carbon capture and storage

BIH is the partner of choice for all your energy optimisation initiatives. Please get in contact with our team to see how we can collaborate with you to reduce your carbon footprint and be part of the change for good.


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