Support Services

The BIH aftermarket products and services division is committed to the through-life support of all equipment regardless of design or manufacture with our comprehensive suite of products and services:


BIH supplies equipment or offers turnkey solutions to heater revamps and upgrades including related infrastructure.

Flexible contracting scope can include lump sum and open book portions.

Typical revamps include the following:

  • Replacement convection section
  • Replacement burners for higher capacity or alternate fuel
  • Convection section modifications
  • Addition of APH system
  • Addition of SCR system
  • Addition of waste heat boiler
  • Complete unit replacements during turnaround with modular preconstruction

By offering a turnkey solution BIH unlocks added value for the customer which includes:

  • Excellent value proposition by working with specialists
  • Avoid the expense of a main contractor whose process and overhead structures are more suited to larger EPC projects
  • Flexible contract strategy can utilise the expertise of established 3rd party site partners

Design Studies

Process plants are designed to operate within defined parameters and to have a minimum life expectancy of 25 years. However, through its life operating conditions will drift from design through a variety of factors including feedstock changes and performance degradation.

BIH are able to evaluate asset performance through condition monitoring and inspection and present a phased approach to operational improvement.

BIH will produce a diagnostic report detailing asset performance and recommended areas for improvement. This will include an estimate of any required CAPEX together with an assessment of the added value of taking remedial action.


BIH have a flexible core team of experienced, globally available site supervisors who can be mobilised quickly to meet client needs.

Our team offers:

  • Site construction and installation supervision
  • Inspection Commissioning and start up supervision
  • Turn-around and Maintenance supervision
  • Refractory dry out supervision
  • Burner specialists
  • Informal site training

Our supervisors extend OEM knowledge and experience to the most critical part of the installation process.

Additional expertise, as required, is available with specialists for dampers, fans, burners, instrumentation and refractories..

Site construction installation supervision

Spare Parts

The BIH aftermarket department is flexible and responsive to customer requirements. We can respond to site requirements for urgent assistance as well as quoting for a range of spare requirements from consumable and capital to commissioning and operating spares..

BIH solutions ensure complete integrity with your existing asset, by evaluating the compatibility with the existing asset and its performance and offering a holistic OEM warranty and single point responsibility for your asset performance with no compromise of the design envelope.

BIH utilises our global supply chain for the most cost effective solution.


BIH offer a range of bespoke training courses that encompass the requirements of the fresh graduate to the seasoned operator covering basic design principles through to enhanced efficient operation and trouble-shooting..

Site based courses are encouraged as they allow the blended learning of a classroom environment complimented by the opportunity to visit the specific equipment package.

BIH are also available for ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions on a range of specialist Fired Heater and WHRU topics – please enquire stating your requirements.

BIH is also able to offer virtual training as well as remote site assistance. Our virtual training is, bespoke to the application, easy to understand and accessible and gives students the opportunity to engage with BIH subject matter experts and have classroom content delivered to their workplace or home. Our remote site assistance offers a breadth of diagnostic capability and operational support by connecting our subject matter experts directly to your site.