Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement.

BIH specialises in the design, supply and installation of heat transfer equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications.  

To support the Company’s strategic direction and its published Mission Statement the CEO and Senior Management have given their full support to this Policy.

It is the policy of BIH to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees and any other persons who may be directly affected by our activities and to minimise the impact upon the environment of our operations, products and services.

In order to achieve this BIH undertake the following activities:

  • Operate a Health and Safety Management System based upon BS EN ISO 45001 and an Environmental Management System to BS EN ISO 14001.
  • Regularly monitor our performance and revise as necessary our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems, including this Policy, to ensure we continuously improve and meet the needs and expectations of all our interested parties.
  • Define and monitor at regular Management Review Meetings, objectives and targets in relation to this policy and the Company’s strategic direction and therefore drive continuous improvement.
  • Through risk assessment processes identify hazards, evaluate existing control measures and implement necessary corrective actions in order to prevent injury and ill health.
  • Provide sufficient resources and retain avenues of support to ensure that we are made aware of changes in legislation and the latest ‘good practice’ and that we comply with all applicable legal, local or other requirements.
  • Health, safety and environmental requirements are considered and included within the design, fabrication, installation and operation activities of each contract.  
  • Provide adequate training, information and support for our staff to enable them to work safely and effectively and to ensure they are competent and confident in the work they carry out.
  • Ensure that responsibilities for Health, Safety and the Environment are assigned, understood, monitored and fulfilled.
  • Communicate and consult with its staff on all issues affecting health, safety and the environment Actively promote within BIH an open attitude and raise awareness, encouraging staff to participate and contribute to creating safer/healthier working conditions and a better environment.

The HSE Policy and HSE Management Systems are endorsed by Senior Management and authorised as follows :-

 Authorised by:          


Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the BIH group of companies


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