Energy Transition

Access to reliable energy supplies for an increasing number of the world’s population has led to a steady rise in global standards of living and speed of technological advancements. Despite this huge positive effect, society is recognising the urgent need to transition our energy supply away from sources that increase the concentration of CO2 and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. BIH is committed to using its core competences to support this global energy shift. BIH is actively developing diversified solutions to support new and existing clients to transition to low carbon sources of energy.

Our approach is based on four main themes:

  • Recovering waste heat
  • Converting existing equipment to Hydrogen firing
  • Carbon capture solutions
  • Energy from waste

Drawing on decades of experience in delivering engineered systems that solve complex heat transfer challenges, BIH has an enviable track record as an agile partner who can imagine, innovate, design and deliver bespoke technical solutions on a global scale.

BIH can support a project from inception through to commissioned-for-operation, with a strong and scalable multi-disciplined team of engineers, project managers and field-based personnel who are adept at working to a wide variety of codes and standards.

At BIH we pride ourselves in offering cost effective and efficient solutions, no matter the challenge, thanks to our extensive experience, intellectual capital as well as the support of our global supply chain network.

Recovering Waste Heat

BIH estimate that our equipment has already recovered in excess of 125TWh of waste heat from numerous sources including gas turbines and other flue gases. This heat is either used within the same process for thermal heating needs or can be used to generate power through steam or organic fluids. In addition to these well-established methods, BIH is developing a range of smaller and simpler enhanced heat recovery solutions to improve what can sometimes be challenging economics. These include advance thermodynamic cycles for power generation or temperature lift to replace fuel firing.


Converting Existing Equipment to Hydrogen Firing

BIH have decades of experience in combustion and heating of Hydrogen as well as being a specialist equipment supplier to the principal process licensors for Hydrogen production.

BIH can retrofit fired heaters and associated combustion systems to accommodate high levels of Hydrogen firing. Using our software and modelling techniques BIH can implement Hydrogen firing on existing combustion-based heaters or boilers, with advance analysis of the resulting conditions to ensure that the performance and integrity of the equipment is maintained..

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) – Solutions

BIH offers a range of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions to suit a variety of client objectives. A key benefit that BIH offer is our technology-neutral approach and objective cost/benefit analysis enabling decision makers to assess all possible options and determine the optimum solution for their specific requirements. BIH’s extensive global project execution experience affords confidence to our customers that we are the partner of choice for a range of services from feasibility study to seamless turnkey EPC delivery.

CCS technology solutions include:

  • Absorption with 30% MEA solution
  • Adsorption with second generation amine solvents
  • Absorption with proprietary solvents
  • Absorption with ammonia-based systemse
  • Cryogenic solutions
  • Membrane based solutions
  • Oxy-combustion
  • H2 firing

Energy From Waste

BIH is supporting the circular economy by providing off-gas processing and heat transfer expertise to various waste recycling initiatives. These can include batch, or semi-batch processes, where part of the heat is used within the process and the remaining energy is exported in the form of power or steam.


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