Waste Heat Recovery Units

BIH specialise in the design and supply of Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) offering both onshore and offshore solutions to suit all brands of gas turbines. We have supplied over 250 WHRUs including over 100 units offshore. Our in-house experts provide efficient solutions for thermal recovery accommodating even the most challenging space and weight constraints.

waste heat recovery units

BIH designs are robust and efficient with high rates of availability and reliability operating in critical service at elevated temperatures 24/7. Our equipment is designed for minimum intervention and there are many examples of our units in operation well in excess of their anticipated design life.

BIH WHRUs are providing reliable service around the globe in LNG plants, gas plants, FPSOs, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems and Offshore Platforms. Our bespoke designs range in size, shape and orientation, and our designers are able to select from a large toolbox of solutions to find the best fit for every application.

We are continually expanding our design portfolio and have a range of patented novel design features which enhance the performance and operability of the units. The BIH compact design is ideal for offshore environments or onshore plants where space is a constraint, such as expanding an existing plant, replacement of an existing unit or retrofit of a WHRU onto a simple-cycle Gas Turbine.

waste heat recovery units box
waste heat recovery units side

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Complete Compact Control
(C3) WHRU 



Direct Fired Heaters

BIH’s team have been designing, supplying and installing fired heaters worldwide for over 40 years. This original product line remains an important cornerstone of the business.



Reformers are commonly used in the vital production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen and will play an integral part in the global energy transition. BIH has the experience and scale to successfully deliver your reformer project.


Having supplied some of the world’s first large scale offshore Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs) BIH are at the cutting edge of this technology.


Combining our knowledge of both process heaters and waste heat recovery, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are perfectly suited to BIH’s capabilities.


Managing equipment delivery effectively saving you engineering, logistical and installation costs

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