BIH & BUSA Combine Forces

BIH & BUSA Combine Forces, Increasing Market Coverage and Enhancing Customer Service
Jamie Mullane
October 10, 2022

Boustead International Heaters Limited (“BIH”) is pleased to announce the addition of Birwelco USA Inc (“BUSA”) to the BIH group. This expands BIH’s global presence and further strengthens its process engineering and project delivery capabilities worldwide. The combination of two such respected businesses creates exciting opportunities across the thermal process equipment industry, offering customers holistic solutions to solve complex engineering challenges in addition to through-life support of existing equipment. The complementary products, services and combined track records of both businesses uniquely positions the BIH group to best support the global energy transition and customer initiatives to reduce emissions. Stuart Cummings, CEO of BIH said: “This is an exciting addition to our already successful business model and delivers upon our strategy to increase BIH’s footprint and market share. BUSA has a core of well-respected individuals with an unrivalled understanding of their current market and future product requirements. We believe the combination of our respective capabilities will supercharge our collective growth ambitions and further cement BIH’s position as a truly global player.” Walter Gull, President of BUSA commented: “Joining BIH represents an exciting new chapter for BUSA. The added BIH infrastructure and resources significantly expand the opportunities to share our unique solutions for fired equipment globally, making a positive impact to the industry overall.”

About BIH

BIH is a leading supplier of fired heaters and thermal process equipment covering engineering studies to international turnkey supply. BIH design and deliver bespoke products and solutions across a diverse range of processes, territories and industries for both new projects and existing equipment.

About BUSA

BUSA is a leading supplier of specialized services and support for fired heaters and furnaces from design conception to turnkey implementation. Solutions include studies, on-line services, revamps and complete rebuilds, all with a focus on minimising downtime and maximising return on investment.

The photo to the left shows the respective management teams following deal signature at BUSA’s offices in Houston.
From left to right: Stuart Cummings (CEO, BIH Group), Felipe Martin (VP, BUSA), Bill Ledwood (Chairman, BUSA), Walter Gull (President, BUSA) and Peter Halstead (Finance Director, BIH Group)


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