bih burpee challenge for charity

BIH Charity Burpee Challenge

Raising money for charity is always something BIH employees enjoy doing.

Jamie Mullane

15 Dec 2020

Whether we are supporting the well-known events such as “Children in Need” or “Wear it Pink”, or the smaller ones such as “The Burpee Challenge”. No matter how much or how little is donated, every penny goes a long way and it is always worth going the extra mile to help someone in need.

Throughout November BIH have been taking part in the “Burpee Challenge”, and have collectively managed to complete 3,707 burpees from 15th to 30th November. The total calories burned from this equates roughly to 18,535 calories (21.6 kilowatt-hour) or 118 boiled kettles.

Congratulations to Projects Red Team who recorded the most burpees, closely followed by Projects Blue Team, and the Aftermarket/Process Team just behind in third.

Half of the donations will go to the winners’ nominated charity, which is the “Finding the Cure for DM Foundation”, and the other half will go to “Bone Cancer Research Trust”.