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BIH Get Hands on to Ensure Quality!

At BIH we take immense pride in the Quality of our products and continually develop our supply chain to ensure customer specifications and more importantly expectations are exceeded!
Jamie Mullane
April 12, 2022

On a recent trip to Asia, our Manufacturing Director, Steve Ruscoe got up close and personal with every aspect of our projects under construction. Here you can see him inspecting the installation of anchors on a steel section of an WHRU. Correct positioning and weld quality is essential in creating a strong point to bind the lining material and ensure the integrity of the refractory for the 30+ years that our equipment is typically in service for. It is this attention to detail that has created an enviable track record of successful projects and returning customers who rely on BIH’s expertise to provide solutions for their toughest technical challenges. We thank all members of our Global team for their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction!

Why don’t you contact BIH to find out how they can help you with your Thermal process engineering needs, Our team of experts are always happy to help.

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