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BIH’s Astounding After Market Services

At BIH, we are thrilled to showcase our comprehensive Aftermarket Products and Services.
Jamie Mullane
June 17, 2024

Our support is tailored to all equipment, regardless of design or manufacturer, ensuring a full lifespan of care. We take pride in offering a diverse range of products and services to perfectly meet our customers’ needs:


• BIH offers various options to maintain, improve or modify your equipment. From proof-of-concept design studies, procurement of material and supplying individual components to managing turnkey solutions, we have experience working on all brands of equipment.


• Since 2018, BUSA has been working hand in hand with REXA to revolutionise damper technology for enhanced Fired Heater and Furnace operation. Our proven solution consistently reduces emissions, improves efficiency, and ensures the safe operation of any heater, regardless of service.

Design Studies:

• BIH can evaluate asset performance through condition monitoring and inspection and present a phased approach to operational improvement. We will produce a diagnostic report detailing asset performance and recommended areas for improvement.

Spare Parts:

• Our Aftermarket team takes pride in their flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. They regularly go above and beyond to support urgent operator needs during critical shutdown or breakdown scenarios. We also provide a complete range of spare parts and services for commissioning, maintenance, and upgrade requirements.


• BIH offers a range of bespoke training courses that cater to the requirements of recent graduates to seasoned operators, covering basic design principles through to enhanced efficient operation and troubleshooting. Classroom and Site-based courses are encouraged as they allow the blended learning of a classroom environment complemented by the opportunity to visit the specific equipment package on site.


• BIH has a flexible core team of experienced, globally available site supervisors who can be mobilized to meet client needs. Our supervisors can extend OEM knowledge and experience to support the most critical part of the installation process. Additional expertise, as required, is available with specialists for dampers, fans, burners, instrumentation, and refractories.

At BIH, we are constantly seeking to expand our organization. Therefore, we are currently looking for a flexible core team of experienced, globally available site supervisors who can be quickly mobilized to meet client needs:

Our team offers:

• Site construction and installation supervision
• Inspection Commissioning and start-up supervision
• Turn-around and maintenance supervision
• Refractory dry-out supervision
• Burner, fan, SCR and APH specialists
• Informal and formal site training

If you are interested, find more information at Boustead International Heaters | BIHL or contact / for more information.

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