boustead group dinner and dance

Dinner & Dance (D&D) 2019 for Boustead Group

Last Friday, 18th October 2019, the Dinner & Dance (D&D) 2019 for Boustead Group took place at Marina Bay Sands ballroom in Singapore.

Jamie Mullane

24 Oct 2019

It was to commemorate 191 years anniversary of the company’s founding by Mr Edward Boustead back in 1828. To date, Boustead Singapore is now the oldest continuous operating business in Singapore. The theme of the D&D was ‘All Around the World” which was aptly reflected by the multi-faceted businesses of the Boustead Group, with a geographical spread of undertaking infrastructure-related projects in 87 countries globally.

The event started off with a rousing speech by Boustead Executive Chairman and CEO, Mr Wong Fong Fui, briefly touching on the historic linkage between Boustead Group and the Bicentennial founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles 200 years ago, up till the present day achievements and forward looking to the exciting future. As helmsman of the Boustead ship, Mr Wong also called upon all Boustead employees to work together for continued progress and longevity to transcend generations, just as what Boustead as a corporation had achieved over the past 191 years. With almost 400 guests, most of whom were decked out in international outfits in-line with the theme, everyone had a great time.

Boustead International Heaters (BIH), as a key part of the Energy Division of Boustead, also had in attendance 3 members from the BIH Singapore team.