iso gas turbine exhaust systems whrus

ISO new standards for gas turbine exhaust systems

We are pleased to announce that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have recently published ISO 21905 covering gas turbine heat recovery systems.

Jamie Mullane

4 May 2020

Heat recovery plays an important role in the energy transition and BIH is proud to be a major contributor to this important work.

BIH are delighted to have supported the development, first during its beginnings at the ETN, and then during the process of converting this to an ISO standard for gas turbine exhaust systems/WHRU’s.

BIH Process Engineering Director David Champneys took on the role of Project Leader for the ISO stage, leading the working group of experts. The standard contains expert contributions from GT OEMs, end users, suppliers and maintenance contractors and contains high quality requirements and recommendations which fulfil an important gap in the available specifications.

The “iso 21905:2020 gas turbine exhaust systems with or without waste heat recovery” standard was published in March 2020. The Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) based version of the standard is yet to be started.