Modularisation and Prefabrication

BIH design and delivery expertise covers all levels of prefabrication from panellised designs through to fully dressed modules.

modularised heat recovery units

BIH can offer advice and guidance on project specific logistical considerations to make the decision on whether to modularise a unit.

Factors evaluated in the decision-making process include:

  • Transport limitations on/off site
       (including public highway restrictions).
  • Availability of modularisation yard local to job site.
  • Modularisation requires more complex engineering and adds to      structural material costs.
  • Shipping costs vs site costs associated with large modules.
  • Cost and availability of specialist module installation equipment
        (e.g. self-jacking trailers, large heavy lift cranes etc).
  • Site labour availability and cost.



BIH deliver our units panellised to utilise cheap shipping costs. We collaborate with our clients to ensure we provide the most cost effective solution for a smooth onsite erection. Some of the options we consider are:

  • Radiant section supplied in lined or unlined panels with external casing painted
  • Radiant coils supplied in fully welded and tested banjos, or with the banjos shipped loose.
  • All other items would be supplied loose for site installation.
  • Stack, ducts and breeching supplied in prefabricated lined sections with the external casing painted.
  • Convection section supplied in prefabricated modules with all refractory installed and coils fully welded, tested and installed with the external casing prime painted.
modularised panelised


Vertical cylindrical heaters can be supplied either in the horizontal or vertical as shown below

The radiant module maybe installed onto a permanent base frame so that it can be designed to be jacked-up and driven on and off a ship and on to the heater foundations using Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMTs).

modularised whrus
Modularised Box shaped heater
Modularised heater
Modularisation Boxed

Very large box type heater transported from heater fabrication shop to dock side using SPMTs

Heater lifted on to ship using ship’s crane. Temporary steel base frame (in yellow and red below) can be seen.

Box heater leaving heater fabrication shop on SPMTs

Modularised Box shaped heater craned

Box heater lifted on to ship using ship’s crane.

Heater lifted on to foundations using
heavy lift crane. Temporary steel base
frame has been removed.

‘Dressed’ Modularised

The site work involved can be further reduced by ‘dressing’ the radiant module. Some or all of the following items can be installed on the module:

  • Ladders and platforms
  • Heater mounted instruments including cable trays, cabling to junction boxes etc
  • Burners
  • Utility piping (fuel, steam, instrument air etc)

This very high degree of modularisation becomes attractive for projects with very high site labour costs or when the heater has to be installed on a live plant within a very short shut-down period.


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